Raw Fiji News Run By Fiji Journalists

July 29, 2009

Someone once said….

“Small minds talk about people

Average minds talk about events

Great minds talk about ideas”

This saying is probably true if you are referring to blog sites about Fiji. It is clearly obvoius that the great minds in government are pushing positive ideas for the greater good of Fiji while small minded meek journalists are pushing small stories about people and events.

These journalists will not publish stories of new ideas and inventions that will bring benefit the odinary folks on the street perhaps increase employment or even new business  ideas. No, they only report on events and talk about people….pretty same style and trademark  as rawfiji news which spits poison day in and day in cyberspace.

If you think about rawfijinews you will realise that they are always ahead of everyone with news breaks and new news items. Well, i’ll be damned….is not the journalists who have an excellent network of contacts and insiders. Journalists do news 24/7 and rawfijinews operates 24/7 with all gutter level journalism.

Fiji is not blind….just because you journalists get paid peanuts by your employers doesnt give you the right to take it out on the government by publishing bullshit….perhaps if you support the government take fiji forward…who knows, in a few years journalists may get good pay packet for good news.

How about a change of mindset for your own sake…



July 23, 2009

Dear Prime Minister

I write to bring to your attention some alarming concerns spanning 30 years about the nature of NGO’s and regional organizations in Fiji and the Pacific. What we, your loyal citizens on the ground see is a masquarade of scientists and administrators scurring about the country and pacific with mind blowing experiements and projects that is supposed to save the islands from doom!

To this day these organizations have not liberated the common people from poverty. In fact they play the game so well it will take 100 years of their assistance for achieve a situation where 80 %  persons over the age of 21 will have employment, affordable food and affordable home…… just like NZ, AUST, US and other 1st world countries. In fact the over the years these smart arses, scientists and administrators have taken for granted a lasting business model – a model built to survive like leaches on 1st world grants – and pacific islanders as pawns. In fact to preserve lucrative juicy jobs for losers who can get a job in the real world.

By colluding, we the common people, see these organizations – large and small, as symbols of pure greed backed by Australia, New Zealand other 1st world nations.  I also know that some are genuine NGOS….they actually work for the people…but definitely not the others

SOPAC, FORUM SECRETARIAT, THE SOUTH PACIFIC COMMUNITY, UNDP, UN whatever.., ILO, IMF, ADB Fiji Womens Crisis Center, Lawyers ETC…. to name a few. They are here to promote development, fairness, sustainability, equal human rights, eradicate poverty, AIDS and protecting the environment BUT…….with all your money and wisdom please explain these few anomalies that stuck out like a sore thumb…for 30 years.

1) Victoria Parade has poor beggars and shoe shine boys standing there daily for the past 10 years? You cant fix this…I think Frank can.

2) Expired Land Leases ……Nope all your AID for the past 20 years have not assisted Fiji fix this. So simple advetise for reputable property consultants from US Australia or NZ like UTS of sydney or API or MAI(US), or Jone Lang Lasalle, pay them a decent fee and presto! a report in 6 months and this problem solved…so simple yet we’re waiting 30 years later.We know Frank will sort this out now…

3) Squatters – A social & economic problem so simple to fix yet you and our past governments created this and then sent in more scientist, studies, research more studies more grant….seminars but the problem has doubled /worsened….We all live in settlements, our parents did and now our children will..Nope No Solutions Yet…But Frank Bainimarama will fix this because it s so simple….Ma

4) Affordable housing ……Not Interested in this problems but you demand $3,000 plus home for your stupid staff  in Suva any time.

 Singapore has a brilliant housing policy…..which the PM can look into and adopt… Maybe sack the whole Housing Authority Board and Management and hire specialist for Australia and New Zealand. After all the population is less than 1 million and maybe the size of a small city in Aust or New.

5) Food – By the assistance of NGO and regional organizations we are seeing canned coconut milk from Thailand and Indonesia on our shop shelf; Corned beef made in PNG in MH Supermarkets, Tin Tuna brands made all over the world – some quite horrible sold in our shops; $500m worth of imported lamb / meat…. and with $15 a day budget the above plus rice is cassava or roti is the only affordable meal…..you think your scientists can fix this…..i know ….we need more research grants more expats scientists consultants to fix in another 20 years…..Frank will sort this out.. Hari punja is leading the research in this field.

6) Farming – our only hope – killed by NGO’s And Other… Dear Frank we think JICA has all the answers for all our ancient farming systems…from technology, systems, machines, crops and animals to markets.


Any way i just thought i’d share some thoughts on those who stuff the common people so bad……..i cant wait to see retribution…

P.s Mr PM, we hope you can fix our problems on behalf of common people.


We The Common People


July 21, 2009

Dear Prime Minister

We ther common people find sickening to have very smart people like economists behaving selfishly without at least trying to solve the poverty situation without having to seat in parliment.

People like Biman Prasad, Mahendra Reddy, Waden Narsey are the true cause of our hopeless situation in Fiji. Let the public know that these economists in all their wisdom cannot find a solution to our economic situation.

Mr Prime Minister, this site openly challenges them to finding solutions to our economic problem. This site will show them what they have failed to do.



July 17, 2009

Dear Frank Bainimarama

This letter is from the common people of this nation.

In the face of a global economic crisis, we here in Fiji are quite fortunate to have a small economy with more than adequate natural resources for the nation. Especially food, housing and employment. We are only a small population, a suburb in Australia, Smaller than Auckland. So our problems manageable.

However the negligence of past governements in setting up systems to adequately provide food, affordable housing and employment has resulted in our trying conditions today.

Here are some views from your common people on the streets. Please hear them out – as it is your hand that has the will to change their miserable lives in moment.

The unaffordability of food today is the biggest dissappointment of the people. If you provide them affordable food – they will praise and support you.

Real FOOD problems & real FOOD solutions you can fix

1. High Price of Meat

At $8 -$10 a KG for beef and Lamb. $7.00 for chicken.

 This means that you cannot afford meat if your have $10.00 for food per day and which is what common people have in their pocket.  Their whole $10.00 will be spent on meat if they to buy a decent amount. Not emough for veges and busfare, let alone 3 meals per day.

We the Common People Suggest:

1) Spend $5m on buying breeding cattle from Australia of New Zealand and set up breeding farms. By breeding quality beef cattle Fiji will be able to raise enough cattle to provide $5kg beef meat on the table for family meal.

Richard Beyer can work out the logistics. Please dont involve too many Agriculture officials for this as you can see they have run this industry  to the ground. We need qualified farm managers from overseas to set up the breeder farms. 3 breeder farms similar to Tiko Eastgeats concept to be located in Yaqara, vanua Levu and Tailevu.

Richard Beyer can afford to spend $2m on hiring qualified overseas consultants to start up this industry.

Native Land is the only available and NLTB can fix the lease agreements for the 100 acre breeding farms.

These calf can be offered to beef farmers – creating employment and income for these areas.

With thanks

We The Common People

Reason For repeated Coups: Fiji today is Britain 300 years ago!

July 16, 2009

Without the knowledge of history, we are bound to repeat it …..as always. If John Key, Kevin Rudd, Gordon Brown, Barrack Obama, The Commonwealth, the Pacific Islands Forum –  let alone the idiots like Mick Beddoes, Qarase and the Journalists were genuinely interested in the affairs of Fiji then I suggest they read Peter Moss’s History Alive 2 (Blond Educational. 1970). After that I’m pretty sure they would appreciate Fiji’s existence in relation to the rest of the world. What we don’t know, we have assumed and we are all guilty of assuming….as always.


I quote “It was an age of extremes: of wealth and poverty; of greed and self-sacrifice; of great bravery and cowardice; of energy and utter laziness. It was an age that emerged from old traditions into modern times; a colourful, exciting period in which to live”. I reckon that is a pretty true reflection on the state of present day Fiji.


Fiji today is a repeat of what Britain went through in the eighteenth century – although the world has evolved 300 years but the issues remain the same. As a matter of fact, a closer look at eighteenth century Britain and present day Fiji will reveal striking similarities in the types of problems plaguing these nations.  Here are some of the comparisons:


  • Serious food shortage in Britian – Fiji has it too – commoners cannot afford a proper meal.
  • There were ‘cities with filthy slums’ in Britian – Fiji has a lot of squatters here too.
  • Poor farm systems in Britian – By modern standards, Fiji farming systems are 300 years old and cannot provide adequate food for the population.
  • No access to land in Britian – Again, 300,000 Fijian people cannot own a formal property as the access to land through formal means hasn’t been sorted.
  • Political crisis – Fiji’s 20 year political crisis can be solved easily by looking back at the political history of other developed nations.
  • Crime in Britian – And Fiji… borne out of unemployment and confusion.
  • Religious In fighting in Britian – Fiji has seen a church formed almost every week.


Although the human race has evolved 300 years since – these problems that plagued Britian in the 1700’s to 1800’s do exist  in Fiji’s society but on a more local modern form, that only a good student of world history will pick this up. This also explains why in today’s world the politicians, economists, NGO’s and various past governments of Fiji could not understand the nature of Coup’s


Still don’t get the picture…keep checking.


On the bright side, it was during this period that Britain exploded from Agrarian Revolution to the Industrial Revolution and later ruled the world including Fiji in 1869. Lucky for Fiji, Frank Bainimarama is in power and he has the will to implement necessary changes here in Fiji over the next 3 years and not wait for over 100 or so years.


Amazingly some the basic inventions of this time especially with regards improved farming systems and new technology of this era still hasn’t reached Fiji which still carry out semi subsistence farming (low productivity) methods. However I am very confident that this blog will generate ideas to assist the current government to sort this all out with or without the assistance of these developed nations.


Given the past relationship of England and Fiji, I think the BBC or ABC of Australia may find this a worthy story.

A promise: The Future Is Now

July 15, 2009

This blog will change the nation – Just as Ratu Sukuna, Rt Mara and Frank Bainimarama did.

For too long has the odinary people suffered under poor leadership and leadership driven by personal greed.

The world will know the answer to the question: Why four coups in 20 years?
A simple answer: politicians, New Zealand, Australia, US and NGOs.

The how & why will be revealed…